ESPECIFISTA #1 is out!

Amanecer: For a Popular Anarchism is proud to present the first issue of its publication – Especifista.

Especifista is a sporadic publication by Amanecer: For a Popular Anarchism. Especifista aims to start a conversation with those involved in different struggles, be in the community, in labor or any other, about the roots of society’s ills, the possibility of fundamental change and how we can achieve it.
Especifista is a publication by anarchists, that is to say, people who believe that society should be organized in a manner that provides for all based on their needs, and where the power and decisions flow from the bottom up, in a real democratic way.
We selected the name Especifista because it best describes our political perspective.
Especifismo is a practice of anarchism originated in South America, and first theorized by the Federacción Anarquista Uruguaya in the 1950’s.
With other parallels in the anarchist movement, it is based on the idea the anarchists should primarily be involved in the struggles of the people, not to control them but to preserve their democratic and radical character. This is called social insertion, and comes from the belief that popular movements are not only the hands of revolution, they are also its brain.
Anarchists should organize into their own, specifically anarchist organization to theorize and strategize about their involvement in the social movements and to learn from them.
The organization of anarchists should also be a voice for the principles of solidarity, democracy and anti-capitalism in the popular movements.
With Especifista, we aim to add to the voices that continue to promote these principles inside social movements.

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  1. The last frame in the comic, “capitalism is the shovel” maybe should read “revolution” or “socialism” instead? Feel free to also delete this comment.

    Good work. Always love to hear from you all.

  2. How can I get a copy of this?

    • theleftwinger

      If you want to get a hard copy, please e-mail us with your information, and how many copies you wish to get, and we can try and arrange to get them to you. We will also be posting a PDF version of it up here shortly.

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